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The server just crashed – how to reboot without permission

“What? It was hosed! I had to power cycle it.” I reply to my boss, asking me why I rebooted the proxy server in the middle of the day. “It’s back up now”, I tell him. I think to myself, “Whew! That was close. Mental note, don’t try THAT setting again.”

Why did I try a setting on a production server in the middle of the day? Simple. Because I can. I know how to cover it up. I’m a master of deception. Editing logs, performing tasks as the server itself (Hello, Bindview Nazis!), Touching files (Hello Tripwire neophytes!), taking monitoring daemons off line while I work and blame them. It’s all there.

I’m joking, of course. Aside for the occasional server reset to apply a new toy. I’ve been doing this for a long time and you learn how to get around permission. I mean, you have a fix for a problem and the server needs to be reset before the fix can take effect, but you can’t reboot the server until “after hours.” Hell, that could be 6 hours from now. So, during lunch, when the usage is usually lower, power cycle the box. Untraceable by normal means, and if you have LightsOut boards, schedule a power cycle when you’re not there! Years ago, I used this excuse more than once a week. Apply your SPs and then the next time the server bounces, viola! Applied. Owned. Most of the time, the management is clueless as to what you do anyway. All they know is that you are not supposed to make changes during the day or outside the maintenance window. If they get too nosy, Geek Roll them.

“Why did the server get rebooted at 10:30 AM?” The IT Director corners you.

“The SSL certs were out of sync with the directory. The reboot sync’d them back up with LDAP and now the credit card orders are processing again. Happens from time to time.” You reply.

“Good recovery.” He says. “Just let me know when you to it again, in the future, so I can alert the helpdesk.”

“Will do, Chief!” You respond.

Now you think to yourself, “What a moron.”

BTW, THAT is not a good example of a Geek Roll. Usually it encompasses a great deal more of acronyms and the stuff you normally talk about with your, dudes. A good Geek Roll will give the listener a distinct, “Destination Host Unknown” look. At that point, you could even ask for permission for other things, like upgrading all of your M$ servers to Linux and it wouldn’t snap him out of it. VP’s have a blocking mechanism that causes them to simply tell you that they don’t have time for all that crap.

Anyway, you can ALWAYS find a legitimate reason for kaboing’ing a box that for some reason, never wrote out the abend log before it went down… Weird.


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