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Mark That!

Living in a cube environment with many intelligent people has it’s challenges. Especially when it comes to being conscientious about what you say, how you say it and to whom you say it. There is something I got from a local radio station, Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket, that upsets this balance and makes our working environment a lot more fun. Here it is.

When someone is talking and they say something that might sound questionable, if heard out of context, we say, “Mark.” Radio stations use this term to make note of the tape counter so some piece of audio can be pulled from that tape at a later date and replay. The local station does it to later pull something from tape that can be replayed and used out of context for comedic purposes.
Here’s an example. The person who is in charge of cell phones is on the phone explaining to a new recipient of a cell phone, how to use the charger. Now, we all know that’s what they are REALLY talking about, but this is what we hear…

“Yes. Now take the little round thing and stick it in the hole.” I hear this and shout, “Mark.”

Everyone in the immediate area bursts out in laughter because they we thinking the same thing. We do it all the time. The other funny part about it, is that now everyone, including me, has to watch how you word everything you say, you might get “Marked.” For shock value, I will say something that they can Mark, just to give a laugh.

Another cube activity is targeted at the chronic speaker phone user. I love this. Many times, when calling for a vendor for support you may be put “on hold” for great periods of time. Using a speaker phone eliminates the “cauliflower ear.” The bad side is it tends to disturb people in surrounding cubes. The remedy for speaker phone users is the Fart Drop. I have a collection of “drops” I have built over time. Most of which I got from the above mentioned radio station. A drop is a very small sound byte, usually consisting of something that had been Marked and then separated to play out of context. Drops can also be sound effects, such as the fart drop.
When someone is talking on their speaker phone, you give them warning, by singing the phrase, “Speeeeaaaakkkerrr Phooooonnnnnne” Several times. If this does not cause them to pick up the receiver. Set off your drops. The person on the other end will then hear that and they caller will almost immediately pickup the receiver and now has to give an explanation of what that noise was.

One other item. When someone is telling a story and they use obvious references to something questionable, like body parts or acts of sexual congress. Ask them, “What do you mean?” or “What is that, exactly?” or even, “I’m not sure what that is.” You talk about uncomfortable. It’s fun. We never mean any harm with our office antics. And they tend to lighten up what has become a “no talking, no talking” style of POW camp’ish work environment these days.

Sheesh, people lighten up. If you’re so uptight about anything that might be said, you need a vacation in the Caribbean.


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